Who are we?

Vision and Mission Statement

To inspire people to lead a purposeful, fruitful and healthy lifestyle.

Who Are We?

Coconarts is a brand selling eco-friendly Coconart bowls and spoons, made from 100% pure coconuts, down to the organic cold pressed coconut oil used to polish them. Every Coconart bowl and spoon is handcrafted with the most tender love and care by residents in Indonesia and Vietnam, with each bowl having its own unique design, just like you.

Our company also promotes sustainability and fair trade which means that every customer who purchases our products can be assured that the workers receive fair wages, and work in safe environments. Every step of the process has been ensured to provide you with the finest product quality. 

Why Coconarts? Here at Coconarts, we believe that art exists in everything around us, from the very nature that greets us each day, to the humans who inspire one another, and even the food we eat. Just as every painter needs a good canvas, our bowls serve as canvases for your creative journey in good health. 

So hop on now by claiming our Coconarts as your own! ;)

Much love,