Rustic Family Coconut Bowls
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Our Coconart shell bowls are hand made from 100% natural coconuts, polished with organic cold pressed coconut oil. Each coconut bowl has its own unique feature as it comes in its own shape, size, colour and grain pattern.

This includes 4 rustic coconart bowls and 2 complimentary wild wooden spoons. **Please state your desired spoons of choice if you wish to mix and match, along with the quantity during checkout under the 'note' section and we will pack and process accordingly.

Difference between classic and rustic coconut bowls:
Classic coconut bowl has a smooth finish.  
Rustic coconut bowl has a more natural, and bumpy finish.

Each coconart size:

  • Average diameter: 12-13.5cm / 5''
  • Average volume: 450-650ml / 15 oz - 24 oz 
  • Average depth: 5-6cm / 1.9" - 2.4''